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Branding - Logo, Health Bus Sherbourne Health Centre - Health Bus © 2007

I was approached by Sherbourne Health Centre to design the two new health bus being purchased to help free health care services to those in need and under housed directly within the various communities found in downtown Toronto.
My challenges were crediting the various donors, partners and supports that purchased the bus while still creating a large visual and simple "Health Bus" that could be seen and recognized from a distance on street level. Also, I couldn't cover any of the windows in which there are 2-3 prominate windows on each side!
The Health Buses can still be seen around Toronto today and since I've gotten the opportunity to develop a logo for the program that uses the recognizable bus prominately.
For more information on Sherbourne Health Centre, the Health Bus or other homeless programs please click here.
Example of blank and finished Health Bus. 
©2007 Pam Sloan Designs
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