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Interface Design - Website Graphics London Curling Club ©2015

I couldn't wait to get started when I was contact by Peter Fewster, a fantastic programmer that I've had the pleasure of working with in the past, (see Researching for LGBTQ Health) on a new look and interface for the London Curling Club

Our goal was to make the site more appealling to an audience that is aged 30+, as well as to increase the usage level of the exisiting club members. One way we sought to appear more hip on a design level was by tapping into the trend happening within the curling community of wearing bright coloured and fun patterned curling pants. As a result and after presenting a few different concepts using different patterned backgrounds we settled on a plaid design using the club's official colours. Overall we kept the site simple, easy to navigate and accessible for both visitors and club members.
Feedback around the new website so far has been very positive with compliments not only on the design, but also on the ease of finding content throughout.
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