"Researching for LGBTQ Health" is a program of CAMH where I was approached by the team to create a logo and visual identity for the program that spoke directly to the LGBTQ community.

The goal was to make a clear distinction with the visuals that the program objective is to identify this program at CAMH with the thoughts, feedback and values of the LGBTQ community rather than with CAMH as a larger entity which can often leave an individual or group feeling overlooked in order to appease the masses. 

I also created the front-end visual look of the program website and provided various graphics to the programmer who created the site. Various project and demographic-specific flyers have also been created for the program.

In 2018, I was invited to refresh the logo developed in 2010 and to accommodate the addition of "2S+" into the program name.

To view the live website please visit www.lgbtqhealth.ca.

Researching for LGBTQ Health logo. Developed in 2010.
Researching for LGBTQ2S+ Health logo. Redesigned in 2018.
Researching for LGBTQ2S+ Health social media profile image.
Example of the CAMH - "Researching for LGBTQ Health" program website in 2010.
Example of the CAMH - "Researching for LGBTQ2S+ Health" program website in 2018.
To view the full website please visit:
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